Screw, Belt, Or Chain: Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

Once your garage door has been installed you have to decide how you want the garage door to open. You have a few different options to consider including screw, belt, or chain drive. Understanding how each opener works is the key to finding the best opener for your new garage door.

How The Screw Drive Opener Functions

A screw drive opener requires a trolley to ride on a threaded-steel rod. It rotates with a motor to open and close the garage door. This is usually pricier then the belt or chain openers and is not recommended for use in drastic climate change areas. The upside to this type of opener is it is extremely easy to use and also fairly easy to install. If you are semi-handy you can likely install it yourself.

How The Belt Drive Opener Functions

Belt driver openers are extremely quiet and use a belt mechanism to open and close the garage door. The belt drive opener utilizes a track with a belt. The belt pushes the trolley, this connects to a J-arm, which is attached to the garage door itself. These belts are usually made from fiberglass and are easy to replace if need be. The lack of noise involved in opening and closing the garage door makes this a popular choice.

How The Chain Drive Opener Functions

Chain drive openers were one of the first ever garage door opener designs and is still widely used today. Simply put, these openers run along a track. They use a chain to push the trolley, this connects to a J-arm, which is attached to the garage door itself.

Unfortunately, these are the noisiest of the three options. If you prefer to have a warning when your garage door is opening this is definitely the option you will want to go with. Some people see the noise it makes as an added home security measure, as it would alert you to any intruders trying to enter through the garage door.

What Else To Think About When Installing Your Garage Door Opener?

You should also be sure to buy a garage door opener with something called a "rolling code feature." This makes it harder for a thief to access your garage door code. You should also give a little thought to a warranty that may come with the garage door opener. Purchasing a 5 to 10 year warranty is a great idea in case anything were to happen to the opener after you installed it.

Now that you understand how all three types of garage door openers work, you should have no trouble selecting the best option for your home (for more information, contact local suppliers and installers like Don Johnson's Door Service). 

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