Caring For Your Wooden Garage Door

A well-maintained wooden garage door gives a home a stately yet traditional look. These doors do have some specific maintenance needs, though, otherwise they will weather and become worn prematurely. The following guide can help you keep your wooden door in good condition.

Stain and Seal

A wooden garage door requires a good finish to help guard it against rot and damage. The longevity of the finish depends greatly on how much wind, rain, and snow the door is exposed to. A painted door needs to be sanded down and refinished as soon as you start to notice any cracking or peeling paint. Stained and sealed doors need refinishing if the stain begins too look light and worn, or if water quits beading up on the surface of the door. Sand the door thoroughly to remove the old finish and to smooth the wood, and then paint it with an exterior paint or use an outdoor stain followed by a waterproof wood finish.

Repair Any Damage

Damage can come from many sources, with moisture rot, pest damage, or cracks or splintering being the common problems. Spring is a good time to perform an inspection. The bottom of the door and areas near trim work are most prone to issues, since moisture can accumulate in these areas. Perform a visual inspection and prod the wood gently with a screw driver to look for soft wood. You may be able to sand off surface splintering, but a fully rotten board or a hole through the door may require a professional repair or the installation of a whole new replacement panel.

Check the Opener Mechanism and Springs

Wooden doors are typically heavier than their metal counterparts, so this can put stress on the opener mechanism. If your opener seems to struggle with lifting the door, you may need to consult with a garage door equipment consultant. They can weigh your door where it hangs, and then verify that your current opener is sufficient for the weight. You also want to depend on a professional to inspect and service the springs on the opener, since these are under high pressure and can cause injury.

Clean and Lubricate the Hinges and Tracks

Proper lubrication is the key to keeping the heavy wood door moving smoothly. Sweep out the tracks once a season. Leaves, dirt, grit and cobwebs can all interfere with movement. Then, lubricate the door pulleys, track wheels, and the hinges on the door panels with a silicon spray lubricant once a year.

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