3 Ways To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Condition

If you have a home, an important aspect to consider is the garage door. In order to keep this part working like it's supposed to, you can take these steps.

Lubricate Parts

After a while, the parts of your garage door may get old and rusty. Rust prematurely wears down these parts, and it can also cause them to squeak every time the garage door is used.

For these reasons, you need to lubricate your garage door parts as often as possible. Some parts of focus on include the door's rollers, springs, bolts, bearings and the door's hinges. Make sure to use a non-silicone-based lubricant. This type of lubricant will not cause dirt and debris to collect to the parts that you clean.

After all of the parts have been lubricated, use a dry rag to wipe down any lubricant that may be left over. Repeat these steps a couple of times a month.

Clean the Track

The track of your garage door is one of the most pivotal aspects of the door, as this is what it travels along. For your garage door to work correctly and smoothly, the track needs to be clean.

Start by getting a ladder, and seeing if any dirt and debris have collected in the track. If they have, get some mild detergent and a wet rag. Administer this detergent inside the track, and scrub it in with the rag until all of the debris and dirt are removed. Then, use a dry rag to make sure the inside surface of the track is dry. This is important because it prevents other things from collecting inside the track right after you get done cleaning.

Test the Balance

After a while, your garage door can get unbalanced. You can check to see if this happened to your door by first unhooking the garage door motor. Then, lift the door up so that it's waist-high, and then let it go. If it falls to the ground, your door isn't balanced.

You should then contact a garage door service company to come out and rebalance the door. You shouldn't do it yourself, as the torsion springs have to be adjusted. These springs have a lot of stored energy, and one wrong move when working with these springs could be fatal.

In order to keep your garage door working great for a long time, follow these steps. They will help save you time and money on repairs. For more information, visit a garage door service like Spring King Garage Door Repair.

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