How Your Firehouse Can Benefit From New Garage Door Opener Technology

Because safety, security, and utility are priorities you need to meet when using a garage door opener in your firehouse, it may be time for you to upgrade your dated system. Updates and improvements to modern garage door openers make using one in a firehouse safer and more convenient for personnel, as well as more secure for your valuable life-saving technology. So if you hadn't considered upgrading your garage door opener to a newer model, here's how your firehouse can benefit from giving one a try.

Smarter Controls

Not all manufacturers are making smart technology available for commercial garage doors, but it's becoming a feature of some models that should catch your eye. For firehouse operations, smart controls, or ones you can operate from your smart phone, tablet, or computer app, allows you to operate your firehouse from any distance to enhance security and accessibility when coming and going from emergency sites. Though simultaneous improvements to radio receivers on door openers are improving the distance from which you can operate a remote, having a unit that also uses smart technology can allow multiple people to connect to the controller at one time. So you don't have to limit the number of radio controls you send out on trucks, as anyone you want to connect can do so with a smartphone through a secure gateway.

Automation For Safer Access

Automated features now go beyond retraction when there's an object in the path of a moving door to include traffic light indicators, maintenance alerts, timed closing, and fast-open options.

Having a sensor that can halt and retract doors that are about to cause injury during opening or closing are important. But using a system that also gives visual alerts, like red and green light safety indicators can also help you avoid expensive collisions when attempting to leave the building. Maintenance alerts are an automated feature that will give you the best idea of when it's time to make a routine inspection, and they can also tell you exactly when your opener is in need of repairs.

Automated door opening and closing provides a smoother and optimized way of operating your garage doors, so the investment in a new system will go the distance. Timed door closing after trucks have left the building enhance security for your building, as it can help you respond to an emergency without worrying about closing the doors behind you. And because fast-opening options give you the opportunity to make a quick exit, you can always get the access your firehouse needs with minimal wait times.

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