Do A Double-Take: Commercial Garage Doors That Do Not Have To Look Like Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors serve a functional purpose--to keep trespassers out of your business while allowing truck deliveries in. You may just go for the usual steel or aluminum doors, but you do not have to. There are some commercial garage doors out there that make everyone do a double-take. They can be quite attractive, decorative and some can even make more money for you. Here are some variations on a common product that does not have to look like a boring old garage door.

Wooden Slat/Carriage House Commercial Garage Doors

Wooden slat or carriage house-style garage doors are available for commercial garage door use. These are especially useful if you are attempting to restore a particular look to your commercial property. The wooden slats are all mounted to a frame that allows the slats to move easily and freely when you activate your garage door opener. There are only two issues with choosing wooden commercial garage doors:

  1. After a while, you will need to do some refinishing or resealing maintenance to keep the doors looking nice.
  2. If a truck backs into a closed wooden door, it may do more than just dent it--it may crunch some of the slats, resulting in a repair bill. (However, the driver's insurance should cover the repair costs.)

You can get a couple of different finish colors to suit your needs or wants for a particular commercial door appearance.

Custom-Painted Garage Doors

Regardless of whichever garage door material you choose, be it wood, aluminum or steel, you can get a custom paint job on these doors too. You can either order them a specific color from the manufacturer, or hire a local artist or graphic designer to create murals on the doors. That way, when the doors are all down/closed, you can have a really attractive set of commercial garage doors from the outside view.

Advertising Doors

If you want to advertise your own business, you can place company logos and information on your commercial garage doors. If you do not mind other companies placing their information on your garage doors, you can charge for the advertising space available on your doors and make a profit off of blank space you currently are not using. You could even offer paid advertising rights to companies with whom you frequently conduct business. As contracts for this type of advertising expire, you can either use the garage door space yourself, or offer it to other companies who want to use highly visible space to advertise their own goods and services.

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