What Your Garage Door Noise is Trying to Tell You

Unless you invested in a high-end garage door opener system, you should expect to hear some operational noise when it's in use. However, this noise should not be alarming. Loud and forceful sounds are typically indicative of an opener system that's not operating efficiently. If your garage door is excessively loud or making unusual sounds, it's helpful to be able to diagnose the noise so that you know what to do repair-wise.

Balance Issues

In order for the garage door to move along the track correctly, it must be balanced. Over time, general wear and tear can cause it to become unbalanced. A door that isn't balanced will struggle when moving along the track, leading to a loud, banging type of sound. To confirm this is the problem, you can test the door. Tug on the emergency cord that is hanging on the underside of the opener.

This will allow you to manually operate the door. From the closed position, try to lift the door about half-way along the track. Before letting the door go, move your body backwards, so that when you remove your hand, your body won't be in the path of the door. If the door stays open, you are not dealing with a balance issue. If the door closes, then the door is in fact unbalanced and you need a repair technician.

Worn Hinges

Both the garage door and its components aren't designed to last forever. Components like the hinges that help support the door will often need to be lubricated or replaced. Determining which step is necessary depends on the type of sound you hear. A squeaking noise is an indication that the hinges can stand a re-dose of lubrication, as friction is occurring when the door moves, leading to the sound. Once you locate the springs, you can lubricate them on your own.

If the noise you hear is a grinding type of noise, this is often a sign that it's time for replacement. In terms of the grinding noise, you want to take heed quickly as a faulty hinge decreases the integrity of the structural support of the door, which comes along with a significant risk. A professional will need to perform this step.

If you hear any sounds coming from your door that are alarming, don't hesitate to contact a professional, such as A AAA Allstate Door Company, for proper diagnosis and to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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