3 Keys For Automatic Gate And Gate Opener Maintenance

In order to get the most of your driveway gate or any other automatic gate on your property, it will require you to practice some thorough maintenance tips. These gates are incredibly convenient, but must be taken care of for you to move in and out of your property at will. If you want your gates to work seamlessly and continuously provide value to your property, consider these three guidelines below for thorough maintenance. 

#1: Focus On Lubricating The Important Parts

If you want to be sure your automatic gate serves you best, you will need to purchase the best lubricant possible and keep the necessary parts well lubricated. Begin by investing in a heavy grease that can be applied to your hinges, since the hinges absorb a lot of the contact and abuse that comes with opening and closing your gate every day. You must also lubricate the belt chain, since it is the mechanism that allows your gate to pull open and close. This belt is elastic and will become dry and brittle, eventually snapping or otherwise malfunctioning the more you use your gate. 

#2: Keep Your Gate Clean And Pest Free

When you want your gate to always be useful for you, the cleaner you keep it, the better condition it will remain over the years. This is more than just an aesthetic matter, as a grimy, dirty gate will be a lot more taxing to your automatic gate opener. It is best for you to take it upon yourself to proactively clean your gate, so it does not get out of hand to the point it needs to be removed and sandblasted to remove serious amounts of dirt, grime and debris. Instead, invest in a quality power washer and give your gate a thorough cleaning at least once per year. 

#3: Sign Up For A Gate Opener Service Contract

If you really want your gate to stay in the best condition for you over the years, you owe it to yourself to invest in a gate service contractor. After spending in the range of $150 and $250 per year for a service plan, you will be able to get ongoing service on your automatic gate in order to get the greatest service possible out of it, which will protect your initial investment and keep it running smoothly. 

Follow these three tips and touch base with contractors, like Bells Garage Door Services, in your area. 

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