Three Garage Door Problems That Require The Attention Of A Professional

Once you've had a new garage door installed, you can perform a variety of small jobs related to the door, from painting it to keeping the moving parts properly lubricated so the door operates relatively quietly. Larger tasks, however, are often best left to a garage door contractor. Working on your garage door without having the proper training can result in complicating the issue further as well as the risk of injury. Even if you typically have a do-it-yourself motto for household repairs, it's best to take a step back and call your garage door contractor if you notice one of these three potential problems.

Snapped Spring

The spring that is positioned above the door is integral to allowing you to open and close the door with ease. Because it's constantly under a high degree of tension, the spring can often snap – typically, with an extremely loud noise that you'll likely notice if you're anywhere near the garage. A snapped spring will make it impossible to operate your garage door, but it's best to avoid attempting to deal with the spring yourself. Even after a breakage, part of the spring can still be under tension, which can risk injuring you if you try to remove it. Your garage door contractor has likely replaced countless broken springs and will do so quickly and safely.

Rollers Off Track

The smooth operation of your garage door relies on the rollers following the tracks located on each side of the door. As a result of loose hardware or other mechanical issues, the door's rollers can occasionally lift off the track, which leaves you with a dangerous predicament. Even if your door is partially open, you shouldn't try to put the errant rollers back in place. A simple miscue when performing this task can cause the entire door to fall off the tracks, resulting in a serious injury if you're positioned below it. Your garage door contractor, however, has the expertise to correct the problem and keep your family safe.

Uneven Operation

For your door to operate and to close properly, the bottom edge needs to be parallel with the floor of your garage. If the hardware loosens on one side of the door, it can result in a sagging movement that means your door won't open and close evenly. Attempting to correct this problem can result in further damage and complications if you don't fully understand what you're doing, so it's important to have your contractor pay you a visit right away. Contact a garage door company, like A & J Garage Door Inc, for more information.

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