Tips For Selecting A New Garage Door

If your garage is attached, the garage door takes up a significant portion of the house's façade. Not only that, your garage door provides your exit and entry point every day – maybe several times a day. In other words, the door and its inner workings are an important consideration. Choose a garage door that complements your home and eases your lifestyle.

Think About Style

Your garage door should match the style of your home. For example, if you have a traditional home, Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing a door with arched frames, grilles and fanlights. For a more modern home, consider doors in bold colors or with large panes of glass. If you have a multi-car garage, though, think about downplaying the garage door by choosing a color the same as your house's façade.

Choose a Material

The material you choose for your garage door determines its lifecycle. For instance, wood is a classic material, but it requires yearly maintenance, especially in harsh weather conditions. Aluminum is a more durable, low-maintenance material. However, it's lighter and more susceptible to denting. Fiberglass is a little heavier, and it can simulate the look of wood.

Select an Opener

The main types of automated openers are still chain-driven, belt-driven or screw-driven operations. However, newer models sometimes feature jackshift or direct-drive opening. Chain-driven and belt-driven models are similar in that the chain or belt moves a trolley affixed to the door. Both are somewhat loud, though belt-driven openers are a little quieter. Screw-driven openers feature a trolley riding on a threaded steel rod moved by a motor. These are also somewhat noisy but also the speediest of the three.

With a jackshift opener, a motor drives a system of pulleys and cables to move the garage door. The opener gets mounted on the wall. These openers are very quiet. Direct-drive are the quietest, though. With this design, the motor moves along a stationary chain embedded in the overhead rail to move the door.

Look for Safety Options

Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home. As such, it's essential to look at the door's safety features. The most common safety feature is motion sensor technology that prevents the door from closing if something – or someone – is in the way. This comes standard on automatic openers. An optional feature is pinch-resistant design.

With this feature, the door is constructed so the panels push fingers out of the seams when the door is moving. Tamper-resistant safety bottom brackets are another optional safety feature. These brackets don't loosen up over time. They stay intact when the counterbalance cables are under tension, thus preventing injury from loosened brackets.

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