Hire A Professional For These Garage Door Repairs

When you have issues with your garage door, it might be your first instinct to try to fix the problem yourself. While this is okay in some instances, there are certain garage door problems that need to be left to the professionals. Don't attempt to complete any of these types of repairs. 

Worn or Broken Cables

If your garage door is having problems with opening and closing, it might be due to the cables. The cables are what connect the springs to the door and are a major part of what controls the opening and closing motion. When you notice cables that look worn, bent, or otherwise damaged, they are at risk of snapping. You definitely don't want this to happen when you are near the garage door since it can be very painful and cause severe injury. This is why you should leave cable replacement or repairs to the professionals.

Faulty Springs

One of the most dangerous repairs you can do yourself with a garage door is replacing the springs. Not only is it dangerous because any mistake you make could mean a severe injury, but replacing springs is very tricky. When you are replacing springs in the garage door mechanism, you need to keep the heavy garage door in place, then make sure you get the new springs installed quickly and efficiently. There is a lot that can go wrong with something that might seem simple. Unless you have help from someone experienced with garage door springs, this is another repair to not attempt on your own. 

Re-Wiring an Electrical Garage Door

Any type of re-wiring work that needs to be done in your home should be done by an electrician. This includes when you need to re-wire your electric garage door because it is no longer working properly. If you have done other electrical repairs at home, you might assume you can easily fix the wiring in your garage door without calling a professional. However, completely re-wiring something is not as easy as replacing a lighting fixture.

Replacing the Entire Door

If the entire garage door or panels need to be replaced, call a garage door technician (such as one from Raynor Door Company) to do it for you. Garage doors are extremely heavy, no matter what material they are made out of. It is best that you not put yourself at risk by attempting to replace the door yourself. This also ensures it is installed correctly and will be safe for your family to use without incident.  

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