Garage Door Repairs: What You Can And Can't Do Yourself

If you are having trouble getting your garage door to open or close, do not automatically assume you can handle the problem on your own. Garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous. If you do go out and start working on it, make sure you always take someone with you in case the door falls on you. Here are a few things you need to check that you can probably fix yourself and the one thing you should never mess with.

Electronic Opener

The first thing you should check is the electronic opener. Make sure it is plugged in and receiving power, sometimes the breaker might be tripped and you wouldn't know it. You should also check that both the remote and keypad are working. You may have to reset the frequency they are transmitting on. There may be something interfering with the transmission. Next check the motion sensor "eyes" along the bottom of the door are not dirty or misaligned. If the beam cannot go from one eye to the other, it will not allow the door to close.  


Whether you have an automatic door or not, the tracks have to be properly aligned and clear. Look over the tracks to make sure one isn't loose. A loose track could mean the door can't roll down in it properly. There could also be a screw or bolt in the track blocking the door. Use a tape measure and level to check both tracks are straight and aligned with each other. Carefully make adjustments to the tracks so the door can move up and down freely if you notice something is off. It is a good idea to make sure that all the screws and other hardware are not loose while checking things over. Anything that wiggles needs to be tightened to avoid problems in the future.


Unless you have experience working with garage door springs, it is always best to let the professionals handle it. The springs and cables are what keeps the door from slamming closed. There is a lot of tension on these parts and if not worked with properly, one of them could snap and cause serious injury to anyone in its path. A broken or worn spring or cable is nothing to mess with.

While there are some simple things you can fix to make your garage door work better, there are also things that need special handling. If you have checked over the tracks and eyes, and know the opener is working correctly, it is time to call in a professional. When the door is not working properly, do not use it. While this may mean your car has to sit outside for a few days, it is better than having it damaged or someone hurt if the door suddenly crashes down. For more information, contact companies like AAA Garage Door, Inc.

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