Three Ways To Modernize Your Garage Door With A New Opener

Garage door systems constantly change with new updates and features, so if you're looking to modernize your door with a brand new opener, there are several ways to do it. Getting the ride size for added insulation, using different types of openers for better sound, and making use of smart systems can add plenty of functionality and safety to your garage door system.

Accommodate for Insulation

To make your garage more comfortable and increase energy efficiency, you can add insulation to the back of your door. This works in tandem with your weather stripping to keep rain, wind, and high heat, and cold outside. Insulation can add noticeable weight to your door, however, so if you'd like to add insulation to your door, you'll also need to make sure the garage door opener you're getting will be able to move it. For larger doors, such as those on two-car garages, this difference in weight may make the difference between two openers of different horsepower.

This is also a good time to make sure that your door springs are in good shape; if your springs are nearing the end of their lifespans, the added weight could cause them to fail sooner, so make sure those are inspected as well.

Use a Quiet Opener

The most common kind of garage door opener uses a chain drive to move the trolley that moves your door up and down, but you can make this process much more quiet by using an opener that uses a belt drive instead. Instead of a metal chain, belt drives are often made of rubber or polyurethane, which can cut down on rattling sounds as your door moves. These openers also typically operate with DC power instead of AC power, which allows the opener to operate more smoothly, which in turn means your doors will make less noise as they move.

Since much of the noise comes from the door itself, you can also help make things quieter by using nylon rollers and making sure your door tracks are properly aligned and that your hinges are lubricated.

Make it Smart

Like many other household components, garage door openers can also be used as a smart system. Smart openers connect to your WiFi and give you a myriad of options, from setting schedules to routines that can turn on your home lights automatically when you get home at night to setting the door to close on its own if it's been left open for a certain length of time. One valuable feature is the ability to close and open your door from anywhere so long as your phone has data, which means no more driving home if you're worried you left the door open on accident.

Different openers will come with different features, but if they can connect to WiFi and are operable with your phone, you can make use of independent tools like IFTTT (If This Then That) to use premade routines and even create your own if you need something specific. When in doubt, ask your garage door specialist what your options are and what would fit your home best.

For more information, reach out to a garage door opener installation professional.

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