The Replacement Of Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs and extension springs store the energy that is needed to open and close a garage door. Springs are installed horizontally and vertically along the interior side of a garage door. If springs become damaged, a door won't budge or may not close and open as quietly as it initially did.

What To Look For

Garage door springs are installed in pairs. Often, a metal bracket or another material may be installed between each spring set. A corroded spring or one that is not tightly coiled may need to be replaced. Typically, a property owner will observe some signs that will indicate that the springs aren't working properly.

Springs can gradually become worn down. At first, a property owner may notice that the garage door does not open or close as quickly as it used to. Springs are used on mechanical garage doors and manual ones. If a property owner begins to struggle when accessing their garage, they should perform an analysis of the springs.

Discolorations, flaking metal, and inconsistencies in the coil shape can indicate that the springs are worn out. A pair of springs should be replaced at the same time. For instance, maybe one spring has been compromised and the other one may look like it is in relatively good shape. Although it would be possible to replace just one of the springs, it is a better practice to install two brand-new springs. This will ensure that each spring will be capable of handling the exact load size.  

How To Choose Springs

Many metals are used to construct springs. Some manufacturers use a color coding process that will aid with reordering springs. Color coding will prevent purchasing springs that are not the proper size. Spring products may contain labels or a numerical coding that has been etched onto them. Labels and coding will indicate the size of a spring. If a spring does not contain color coding or another labeling, a property owner should measure the springs.

A tape measure can be used to assess the length of a spring. The diameter of a spring should also be assessed. Replacing springs will require the use of manual or power tools. A garage door service provider can also be hired to assist with upgrading springs. If a technician is going to be hired, they will perform an assessment of the springs. A technician will order spring products that can be used to upgrade the garage door.

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