Some Garage Door Repairs Should Be Fixed By Professionals

The Internet is full of DIY videos that make repairs look easy. However, the people uploading these videos have experience with the projects they're filming. If you attempt these same things, you can cause more problems and even injure yourself. Some garage door repairs should only be done by experienced technicians. This article covers some garage door repairs best left to the professionals. 

Broken or Worn Springs

If your garage door opens or closes unevenly, has gaps when closed, or makes sounds when going up or down, the springs likely need replacing. However, the springs are under powerful pressure. If one of the springs breaks, the door can slam down on you. The spring can also hit you with substantial force and cause serious injuries. A repair person knows what precautions to take and how to do the job safely. 

Broken or Damaged Rollers

If the garage door vibrates when opening or closing, it may indicate the rollers are damaged. Another common sign of damaged rollers is a garage door frequently going out of alignment. It's easy to bend the door track or cause other damage when working on the rollers. Therefore, this repair job should get done by an expert.

Malfunctioning Automatic Opener

There can be a lot of signs suggesting a problem with the automatic garage door opener. Some can include a garage door that opens slowly, gets stuck, or doesn't work every time. Also, it can make loud noises or even open and close on its own. There are many moving parts and components to an automatic garage door opener. Also, there is electrical wiring, which means possible injuries from electrical hazards. It's best to have a garage door technician repair a malfunctioning automatic garage door opener. 

Cracked Garage Door Panels

Cracked garage door panels need to be replaced. While they can look simple to repair, these panels only look lightweight. In reality, they weigh a lot, and it takes at least two people who know what they're doing to safely and correctly replace them. You want a garage door technician to do this job so it gets done safely and without causing more damage. 


A risk you take fixing your own garage door is that even when you think you've done well, it can unravel soon after. When it does, other problems can happen, or someone can get hurt. A garage door technician does the job right and gives you a fully functioning and safe garage door that helps secure your home.

Contact a garage door repair company for more information. 

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