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Garage Door Repairs: What You Can And Can’t Do Yourself

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If you are having trouble getting your garage door to open or close, do not automatically assume you can handle the problem on your own. Garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous. If you do go out and start working on it, make sure you always take someone with you in case the door falls on you. Here are a few things you need to check that you can probably fix yourself and the one thing you should never mess with.

Electronic Opener

The first thing you should check is the electronic opener. Make sure it is plugged in and receiving power, sometimes the breaker might be tripped and you wouldn’t know it. You should also check that both the remote and keypad are working. You may have to reset the frequency they are transmitting on. There may be something interfering with the transmission. Next check the motion sensor “eyes” along the bottom of the door are not dirty or misaligned. If the beam cannot go from one eye to the other, it will not allow the door to close.  


Whether you have an automatic door or not, the tracks have to be properly aligned and clear. Look over the tracks to make sure one isn’t loose. A loose track could mean the door can’t roll down in it properly. There could also be a screw or bolt in the track blocking the door. Use a tape measure and level to check both tracks are straight and aligned with each other. Carefully make adjustments to the tracks so the door can move up and down freely if you notice something is off. It is a good idea to make sure that all the screws and other hardware are not loose while checking things over. Anything that wiggles needs to be tightened to avoid problems in the future.


Unless you have experience working with garage door springs, it is always best to let the professionals handle it. The springs and cables are what keeps the door from slamming closed. There is a lot of tension on these parts and if not worked with properly, one of them could snap and cause serious injury to anyone in its path. A broken or worn spring or cable is nothing to mess with.

While there are some simple things you can fix to make your garage door work better, there are also things that need special handling. If you have checked over the tracks and eyes, and know the opener is working correctly, it is time to call in a professional. When the door is not working properly, do not use it. While this may mean your car has to sit outside for a few days, it is better than having it damaged or someone hurt if the door suddenly crashes down. For more information, contact companies like AAA Garage Door, Inc.

Hire A Professional For These Garage Door Repairs

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When you have issues with your garage door, it might be your first instinct to try to fix the problem yourself. While this is okay in some instances, there are certain garage door problems that need to be left to the professionals. Don’t attempt to complete any of these types of repairs. 

Worn or Broken Cables

If your garage door is having problems with opening and closing, it might be due to the cables. The cables are what connect the springs to the door and are a major part of what controls the opening and closing motion. When you notice cables that look worn, bent, or otherwise damaged, they are at risk of snapping. You definitely don’t want this to happen when you are near the garage door since it can be very painful and cause severe injury. This is why you should leave cable replacement or repairs to the professionals.

Faulty Springs

One of the most dangerous repairs you can do yourself with a garage door is replacing the springs. Not only is it dangerous because any mistake you make could mean a severe injury, but replacing springs is very tricky. When you are replacing springs in the garage door mechanism, you need to keep the heavy garage door in place, then make sure you get the new springs installed quickly and efficiently. There is a lot that can go wrong with something that might seem simple. Unless you have help from someone experienced with garage door springs, this is another repair to not attempt on your own. 

Re-Wiring an Electrical Garage Door

Any type of re-wiring work that needs to be done in your home should be done by an electrician. This includes when you need to re-wire your electric garage door because it is no longer working properly. If you have done other electrical repairs at home, you might assume you can easily fix the wiring in your garage door without calling a professional. However, completely re-wiring something is not as easy as replacing a lighting fixture.

Replacing the Entire Door

If the entire garage door or panels need to be replaced, call a garage door technician (such as one from Raynor Door Company) to do it for you. Garage doors are extremely heavy, no matter what material they are made out of. It is best that you not put yourself at risk by attempting to replace the door yourself. This also ensures it is installed correctly and will be safe for your family to use without incident.  

Tips For Selecting A New Garage Door

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If your garage is attached, the garage door takes up a significant portion of the house’s façade. Not only that, your garage door provides your exit and entry point every day – maybe several times a day. In other words, the door and its inner workings are an important consideration. Choose a garage door that complements your home and eases your lifestyle.

Think About Style

Your garage door should match the style of your home. For example, if you have a traditional home, Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing a door with arched frames, grilles and fanlights. For a more modern home, consider doors in bold colors or with large panes of glass. If you have a multi-car garage, though, think about downplaying the garage door by choosing a color the same as your house’s façade.

Choose a Material

The material you choose for your garage door determines its lifecycle. For instance, wood is a classic material, but it requires yearly maintenance, especially in harsh weather conditions. Aluminum is a more durable, low-maintenance material. However, it’s lighter and more susceptible to denting. Fiberglass is a little heavier, and it can simulate the look of wood.

Select an Opener

The main types of automated openers are still chain-driven, belt-driven or screw-driven operations. However, newer models sometimes feature jackshift or direct-drive opening. Chain-driven and belt-driven models are similar in that the chain or belt moves a trolley affixed to the door. Both are somewhat loud, though belt-driven openers are a little quieter. Screw-driven openers feature a trolley riding on a threaded steel rod moved by a motor. These are also somewhat noisy but also the speediest of the three.

With a jackshift opener, a motor drives a system of pulleys and cables to move the garage door. The opener gets mounted on the wall. These openers are very quiet. Direct-drive are the quietest, though. With this design, the motor moves along a stationary chain embedded in the overhead rail to move the door.

Look for Safety Options

Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home. As such, it’s essential to look at the door’s safety features. The most common safety feature is motion sensor technology that prevents the door from closing if something – or someone – is in the way. This comes standard on automatic openers. An optional feature is pinch-resistant design.

With this feature, the door is constructed so the panels push fingers out of the seams when the door is moving. Tamper-resistant safety bottom brackets are another optional safety feature. These brackets don’t loosen up over time. They stay intact when the counterbalance cables are under tension, thus preventing injury from loosened brackets.

Ensure your new garage door enhances both your home and your daily routines. Contact a company like El Paso Door Company for more information.

Purchase An Outdated Home? Update It Easily And Affordably

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If you have recently purchased a house that has a lot of outdated features but that has a lot of potential to be great, there are a few professionals you’ll want to call. You probably want to deal with all of the textured ceilings, linoleum floors, outdated carpeting, and old-fashioned hardware to make a quick change in the space.

The right professionals can help you with the work if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience. Changing the house before you move in may be the easiest. Here are some things to start working on to get big results.  

Remove Old Entrance and Garage Doors

Removing the old doors around the house and replacing them with modern doors that have dead bolt locks and steel kick plates will improve the appearance and security of your house. Replacing an outdated garage door with a new stylish option that has insulation and a modern locking system is also convenient. Get a garage door opening system that runs with a belt so it’s quiet and an opening system that you can control from a smart device. Insulated doors are great at keeping out moisture and preventing air loss.

Replace the Flooring

All the shag carpeting and linoleum flooring can easily be replaced on a budget with some engineered hardwood flooring, off-the-roll carpeting from a home improvement store, and some ceramic tile. This is going to completely change the look of your home, and it’s going to improve the property value a great deal. Many companies offer deals to get the installation done at a low price, and sometimes you can install your new flooring right over the linoleum.


If you have brass door handles, fogged glass light figures and other outdated hardware, you can get builder combo packages at a home supply or home improvement store and change everything out at a low price. The kitchens, bathrooms and spaces with overhead lighting will look much different with new nickel finished hardware, or another stylish choice. You want to change the hardware on the entrance doors for safety purposes anyways.

The house is going to look modern and new when you are done with these upgrades. If you purchased your first home and you know it needs work, start with these projects and you’re going to feel like you’re living in a completely different space right away. These changes also improve property value right away.  

Three Garage Door Problems That Require The Attention Of A Professional

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Once you’ve had a new garage door installed, you can perform a variety of small jobs related to the door, from painting it to keeping the moving parts properly lubricated so the door operates relatively quietly. Larger tasks, however, are often best left to a garage door contractor. Working on your garage door without having the proper training can result in complicating the issue further as well as the risk of injury. Even if you typically have a do-it-yourself motto for household repairs, it’s best to take a step back and call your garage door contractor if you notice one of these three potential problems.

Snapped Spring

The spring that is positioned above the door is integral to allowing you to open and close the door with ease. Because it’s constantly under a high degree of tension, the spring can often snap – typically, with an extremely loud noise that you’ll likely notice if you’re anywhere near the garage. A snapped spring will make it impossible to operate your garage door, but it’s best to avoid attempting to deal with the spring yourself. Even after a breakage, part of the spring can still be under tension, which can risk injuring you if you try to remove it. Your garage door contractor has likely replaced countless broken springs and will do so quickly and safely.

Rollers Off Track

The smooth operation of your garage door relies on the rollers following the tracks located on each side of the door. As a result of loose hardware or other mechanical issues, the door’s rollers can occasionally lift off the track, which leaves you with a dangerous predicament. Even if your door is partially open, you shouldn’t try to put the errant rollers back in place. A simple miscue when performing this task can cause the entire door to fall off the tracks, resulting in a serious injury if you’re positioned below it. Your garage door contractor, however, has the expertise to correct the problem and keep your family safe.

Uneven Operation

For your door to operate and to close properly, the bottom edge needs to be parallel with the floor of your garage. If the hardware loosens on one side of the door, it can result in a sagging movement that means your door won’t open and close evenly. Attempting to correct this problem can result in further damage and complications if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing, so it’s important to have your contractor pay you a visit right away. Contact a garage door company, like A & J Garage Door Inc, for more information.

3 Keys For Automatic Gate And Gate Opener Maintenance

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In order to get the most of your driveway gate or any other automatic gate on your property, it will require you to practice some thorough maintenance tips. These gates are incredibly convenient, but must be taken care of for you to move in and out of your property at will. If you want your gates to work seamlessly and continuously provide value to your property, consider these three guidelines below for thorough maintenance. 

#1: Focus On Lubricating The Important Parts

If you want to be sure your automatic gate serves you best, you will need to purchase the best lubricant possible and keep the necessary parts well lubricated. Begin by investing in a heavy grease that can be applied to your hinges, since the hinges absorb a lot of the contact and abuse that comes with opening and closing your gate every day. You must also lubricate the belt chain, since it is the mechanism that allows your gate to pull open and close. This belt is elastic and will become dry and brittle, eventually snapping or otherwise malfunctioning the more you use your gate. 

#2: Keep Your Gate Clean And Pest Free

When you want your gate to always be useful for you, the cleaner you keep it, the better condition it will remain over the years. This is more than just an aesthetic matter, as a grimy, dirty gate will be a lot more taxing to your automatic gate opener. It is best for you to take it upon yourself to proactively clean your gate, so it does not get out of hand to the point it needs to be removed and sandblasted to remove serious amounts of dirt, grime and debris. Instead, invest in a quality power washer and give your gate a thorough cleaning at least once per year. 

#3: Sign Up For A Gate Opener Service Contract

If you really want your gate to stay in the best condition for you over the years, you owe it to yourself to invest in a gate service contractor. After spending in the range of $150 and $250 per year for a service plan, you will be able to get ongoing service on your automatic gate in order to get the greatest service possible out of it, which will protect your initial investment and keep it running smoothly. 

Follow these three tips and touch base with contractors, like Bells Garage Door Services, in your area. 

What Your Garage Door Noise is Trying to Tell You

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Unless you invested in a high-end garage door opener system, you should expect to hear some operational noise when it’s in use. However, this noise should not be alarming. Loud and forceful sounds are typically indicative of an opener system that’s not operating efficiently. If your garage door is excessively loud or making unusual sounds, it’s helpful to be able to diagnose the noise so that you know what to do repair-wise.

Balance Issues

In order for the garage door to move along the track correctly, it must be balanced. Over time, general wear and tear can cause it to become unbalanced. A door that isn’t balanced will struggle when moving along the track, leading to a loud, banging type of sound. To confirm this is the problem, you can test the door. Tug on the emergency cord that is hanging on the underside of the opener.

This will allow you to manually operate the door. From the closed position, try to lift the door about half-way along the track. Before letting the door go, move your body backwards, so that when you remove your hand, your body won’t be in the path of the door. If the door stays open, you are not dealing with a balance issue. If the door closes, then the door is in fact unbalanced and you need a repair technician.

Worn Hinges

Both the garage door and its components aren’t designed to last forever. Components like the hinges that help support the door will often need to be lubricated or replaced. Determining which step is necessary depends on the type of sound you hear. A squeaking noise is an indication that the hinges can stand a re-dose of lubrication, as friction is occurring when the door moves, leading to the sound. Once you locate the springs, you can lubricate them on your own.

If the noise you hear is a grinding type of noise, this is often a sign that it’s time for replacement. In terms of the grinding noise, you want to take heed quickly as a faulty hinge decreases the integrity of the structural support of the door, which comes along with a significant risk. A professional will need to perform this step.

If you hear any sounds coming from your door that are alarming, don’t hesitate to contact a professional, such as A AAA Allstate Door Company, for proper diagnosis and to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Do A Double-Take: Commercial Garage Doors That Do Not Have To Look Like Commercial Garage Doors

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Commercial garage doors serve a functional purpose–to keep trespassers out of your business while allowing truck deliveries in. You may just go for the usual steel or aluminum doors, but you do not have to. There are some commercial garage doors out there that make everyone do a double-take. They can be quite attractive, decorative and some can even make more money for you. Here are some variations on a common product that does not have to look like a boring old garage door.

Wooden Slat/Carriage House Commercial Garage Doors

Wooden slat or carriage house-style garage doors are available for commercial garage door use. These are especially useful if you are attempting to restore a particular look to your commercial property. The wooden slats are all mounted to a frame that allows the slats to move easily and freely when you activate your garage door opener. There are only two issues with choosing wooden commercial garage doors:

  1. After a while, you will need to do some refinishing or resealing maintenance to keep the doors looking nice.
  2. If a truck backs into a closed wooden door, it may do more than just dent it–it may crunch some of the slats, resulting in a repair bill. (However, the driver’s insurance should cover the repair costs.)

You can get a couple of different finish colors to suit your needs or wants for a particular commercial door appearance.

Custom-Painted Garage Doors

Regardless of whichever garage door material you choose, be it wood, aluminum or steel, you can get a custom paint job on these doors too. You can either order them a specific color from the manufacturer, or hire a local artist or graphic designer to create murals on the doors. That way, when the doors are all down/closed, you can have a really attractive set of commercial garage doors from the outside view.

Advertising Doors

If you want to advertise your own business, you can place company logos and information on your commercial garage doors. If you do not mind other companies placing their information on your garage doors, you can charge for the advertising space available on your doors and make a profit off of blank space you currently are not using. You could even offer paid advertising rights to companies with whom you frequently conduct business. As contracts for this type of advertising expire, you can either use the garage door space yourself, or offer it to other companies who want to use highly visible space to advertise their own goods and services.

How To Correct Vulnerabilities In Your Garage Door

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If you are like most people, you have many tools and other items stored in your garage. These items may or may not be valuable, but they are yours and you want to keep them as safe as possible. Many thieves like to target garages because in most cases they can be broken into without the people in the household hearing what’s going on. Garage doors can be quite vulnerable to break-ins and you can learn about some of those vulnerabilities in this article so you can secure your garage door better to prevent a break-in.


While windows along the top of garage doors are great for aesthetic reasons as well as for allowing natural light in the garage they also pose a risk. Windows in garage doors can often be popped out and a person who’s on the thinner side can squeeze their way into the garage where they can then open the door from the inside and leave with your belongings.

If you have windows in your garage door, make sure they are securely in place and change out the glass with plastic glass so a person can’t break the window out to get inside.

Wooden corners

If you have an older wooden garage door then it may be possible for one corner of the door to be pried or cut open by one person while another person shimmies their way into the garage. Since this is done lower to the ground, it is less likely that your neighbors will be able to see anything odd going on.

If you have a wooden door then secure the corners by using 2 x 4s to reinforce the inside of the door. You can nail them in place in a diagonal manner so the corners are no longer a weakness.

Emergency release handle

Doors with automatic openers can make it extremely easy for a thief to break in. These doors have an emergency release handle located at the top, near the ceiling. Some thieves have become proficient at using a long and thin item, such as a metal coat hanger, to reach through the top of the door from the outside and pop the release handle which will cause the door to open.

You can put a piece of wire through the hole in the emergency lever and secure it to the nearby track. This will make it so a person can’t pull the lever from outside.

Now that you have a better understanding of how you can protect your garage, you can rest easier knowing your belongings are better protected. For more information, contact a company like Garage Door Systems Inc.

How Your Firehouse Can Benefit From New Garage Door Opener Technology

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Because safety, security, and utility are priorities you need to meet when using a garage door opener in your firehouse, it may be time for you to upgrade your dated system. Updates and improvements to modern garage door openers make using one in a firehouse safer and more convenient for personnel, as well as more secure for your valuable life-saving technology. So if you hadn’t considered upgrading your garage door opener to a newer model, here’s how your firehouse can benefit from giving one a try.

Smarter Controls

Not all manufacturers are making smart technology available for commercial garage doors, but it’s becoming a feature of some models that should catch your eye. For firehouse operations, smart controls, or ones you can operate from your smart phone, tablet, or computer app, allows you to operate your firehouse from any distance to enhance security and accessibility when coming and going from emergency sites. Though simultaneous improvements to radio receivers on door openers are improving the distance from which you can operate a remote, having a unit that also uses smart technology can allow multiple people to connect to the controller at one time. So you don’t have to limit the number of radio controls you send out on trucks, as anyone you want to connect can do so with a smartphone through a secure gateway.

Automation For Safer Access

Automated features now go beyond retraction when there’s an object in the path of a moving door to include traffic light indicators, maintenance alerts, timed closing, and fast-open options.

Having a sensor that can halt and retract doors that are about to cause injury during opening or closing are important. But using a system that also gives visual alerts, like red and green light safety indicators can also help you avoid expensive collisions when attempting to leave the building. Maintenance alerts are an automated feature that will give you the best idea of when it’s time to make a routine inspection, and they can also tell you exactly when your opener is in need of repairs.

Automated door opening and closing provides a smoother and optimized way of operating your garage doors, so the investment in a new system will go the distance. Timed door closing after trucks have left the building enhance security for your building, as it can help you respond to an emergency without worrying about closing the doors behind you. And because fast-opening options give you the opportunity to make a quick exit, you can always get the access your firehouse needs with minimal wait times.

To learn more, contact a company like Lipe Brothers Garage Doors